Simon Blundell  Fine Art BA (Hons)  PGCE Art and Design. Currently living and working near Wales, UK. Last year 2021, work was exhibited at The Coach House Theatre and the local Open Studios.

I paint and draw images that are inspired by the totality of my life, my past and my now, this morning, last week, the time I lay on a forest floor; operating a pneumatic drill; a dream of falling down the stairs; a near death experience in the Bavarian Alps; paddling bare foot on the east coast; finding a stone arrowhead glinting in a stream. There is no single theme or way of working and there is rapid change. What I do is to participate in a journey of discovery using a sensitivity to materials and an openness that has no one destination.

If you are interested in any of the work shown you can contact me on Instagram messages from this link  
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